Childhood is about imagination and adventure, personalities discovered, and memories made. So we made it our mission to design bows that celebrate childhood and help you make beautiful memories.

To make it easy for you to find just the right bows for your little, we offer a variety of styles in a variety of fabrics. So whether you need a Rainbow Bow for a Birthday, velvet bows in every color for school, or a Gingerbread Clip for the perfect Christmas day spent with Grandma baking cookies - (and everything else in-between!) we’ve got you covered.

Meet the Team

Ericka Hardin


Hey guys! I’m Ericka. My husband and I and our two girls live in a small town between Dayton and Cincinnati Ohio. I grew up a city girl in Ann Arbor Michigan (not popular down here in Buckeye territory!) My undergrad/grad work was in music and ministry and I loved my years working in worship arts ministry. Then along came marriage + babies and being home became important to me. So we settled into small town life and love it.

Kelsey Boco came about because creativity and design was still important to me, and simple sweet hair bows were difficult to find for my daughters. So I started designing, researching and creating. In 2016 we opened for business and have been learning and growing ever since.

I love Kelsey Boco and what we get to do; the designing, the business, the marketing, the strategizing. But, the incredible Moms and families we get to know through it is the bonus I never saw coming.

Seamstresses + bow makers | Managers | Photographers + Brand Reps

We currently have a group of over 30 moms who contribute to Kelsey Boco between our bow maker/seamstresses, managers, photographers, and brand representatives. Each of them through their ideas, voices, skills, and creativity imprint the Kelsey Boco brand and breathe life and newness into it daily. It is something that means so very much to me, moves me to tears at times, and is my very favorite part of this job.

If you are interested in any of these opportunities, please contact us at